Lista Technician Series Toolboxes and mobile carts are easy to configure and order.

  • Find the toolbox that best suits your requirements from the many configurations shown on
  • Select the color from our choice of 5 premium powder coat colors
  • If you prefer a stationary base rather than the mobile base shown in the pre-configured examples, choose your alternative.
  • If you want a worktop other than the ribbed rubber mat that comes standard with each toolbox, choose your alternative.
  • If you want to add drawer interior dividing sets in addition to the set that comes in the top drawer of every toolbox, choose your set(s).
  • call 855-LISTABX (855-547-8229) or fill out our quote request form to determine final pricing and place your order! Remember to specify if you need residential, lift gate or other special delivery services.

How to build an ordering part number

It's easy! Just find the part number of the configuration you want, add the code for paint color and you're done! If you want a different base from the standard mobile base shown in all models (except Model 1350, which comes standard with a fork truck base), replace the "M" in the part number with the code for your preferred base.

For example, if you want to order a TSMW750-0722-M single bank toolbox with a fork truck base (code FT) with a Red housing and Black drawers, the part number would be TSMW750-0722-FTNRG-BLK.

Payment methods

Lista accepts payment from individuals by MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards, or payment in advance by bank check.

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